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Keep Yarn On Our Streets: The Story So Far…

Keep Yarn On Our Streets (KYOOS), run by Louisa Sheward of The Fibre Lounge, was launched in August 2018, after her shop risked closing due to a difficult first year. Determined to help promote other high street yarn shops, and bring a community together to showcase what we as yarn shops offer the craft community, KYOOS was born. 42 yarn shops jumped on board for the first campaign; a treasure hunt of collectable pin badges running throgh October 2018 with prize for 3 winners. Media attention across the country, an Instagram account and website map have begun to create a buzz.

This campaign was not created to be against online shopping, or yarn shows. We are here to embrace the internet, and encourage customers to visit their LYS, enjoy the workshops they offer, find the quirky yarns they have that they can’t get online, touch, feel and experience. The internet will continue to grow. By coming together as a community of high street yarn shops, we have the power to let the world know what we are made of…fibre mainly! We have had a huge response from shops wanting to get involved, thank you so much for your interest.

We are here to create noise, in a positive and inclusive manner. We are here to bring voices together and be heard. We are here for the future of all of our shops.

How can my shop get involved? 

One years membership to the Keep Yarn On Our Streets Initiative is £24.95

Your membership will run for one year from the sign up date. Renewal is not automatic.

There may be additional costs to get involved in the promotional campaigns as and when we run them. Shops will have the choice to take part in campaigns and they are not mandatory. In the lead up to and during a campaign, the markers on the map will be colour coordinated between those shops taking part and those not, to ensure our customers don't get confused.

Your membership fee includes: KYOOS logo personalised for your shop, access to our secret Facebook group, and inclusion on the website yarn shop map. It will also go towards website costs and admin fees. Finally, it will mean we can invest in some generic merchandise with the Keep Yarn On Our Streets logo. Sales of this merchandise will subsidise future campaigns, and allow us to lower the joining fees for future campaigns.


lets get started!